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Zultys - Broad, Feature-Packed Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Zultys VOIP systems provide businesses with a wide range of customizable features, including:

• Connect several offices to one system – users can intercom between sites and transfer calls between sites with ease.

• Inter-office communication between sites via instant messaging and inter-office conferences

• “Bind” your office phone to your cell phone while you're away from the office and the ability to take your office phone to a remote site

• Invite external/internal parties to conference calls via e-mail invitation

• Send and receive faxes from desktop

• Set your “presence” to inform co-workers of your schedule

• Call handling from PC and call information saved for later use

• Call recording

• All components contained in a single appliance – no need for multiple, cumbersome pieces of equipment

MX250/MXSE: Advanced "All-in-One" IP Phone Solutions for YOUR Business Needs

The Zultys family of advanced Open Standards-based IP phone systems products offer businesses of all sizes a future-rich energy-efficient path to IP telephony and Unified Communications services. With features like integrated fax, Voice Mail, Contact Center, Presence, Instant Messaging, Zultys Mobile Communicator and more, Zultys systems offer a scalable telecommunications solution to fit your business, whether 10 employees, or 10,000. Designed to meet or exceed SIP Open Standards, providing integration with mobile phones , offering off-site login, and combining the functions of Internet Gateway, classic phone functionality, and a vast suite of powerful applications, Zultys solutions offer a realistic fit for your growing business. ATI will help you find the system that you need.

Click here for more information on Zultys MX250 and MXSE.

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