Telephone Tips and Tricks to Live By

Call-center - Telephone Tips and TricksProviding excellent customer service is a norm for most businesses today. But as customer interaction shifts from face to face to telephone our opportunity to say the wrong thing or send the wrong message increases and can cause a business to lose a new or existing customer easily. Here are a few telephone tips to live by to ensure positive and productive conversations with your customers.

Think About Your Voice

Since the customer on the phone has no visual cues, they’re only indicator is to decipher whether what you say, how you say it and the tone of voice is inviting as the call progresses. All too often emotions can take over and stop positive progress. The best approach is to proceed calmly, listen carefully, pause when needed, and be confident yet understanding every time you pick up the phone.

Avoid Interruptions

There is nothing more frustrating than interruptions. In fact, interruptions can make a customer feel that they are being disrespected. Instead of trying to avoid interruptions altogether put yourself into a situation where they cannot take place.

Express Gratitude

Don’t be afraid to thank your customer at appropriate times. Whether the call is about a problem that was the fault of your customer or your company, it’s better to convey a sense of appreciation even when you may not feel it’s warranted. This can make it easier to get through difficult conversations. When gratitude is shown anger or frustration are quickly diffused.

Whatever You DoDont Argue

As important as being polite and thanking your customer, it’s best to avoid arguing altogether. Remember, no conversation will end with a positive outcome when arguing commences. Keeping the customer calm and confidently engaged can increase their desire to do business with you.

How does telephone customer service stacks up?  If you have questions about office phones, service providers or more tips and tricks please Contact us.

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