Choosing The Right Service Provider

Tangled connections, Finding the right service providerWith so many Service Providers, finding the right solution for your business can be both frustrating and time consuming. There are a number of ways to get connected and each connection has advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few things to consider when trying to determine what type of service provider is right for your business.


Today, internet service providers offer bandwidth speeds past 10 Mbps with no problems. But understanding bandwidth speed and deciding what is right for your business is one of the main decisions you need to make. Choosing the wrong bandwidth can be costly.

To determine which bandwidth to select you need to examine usage.  If a high number of staff will be using bandwidth to download large file, use VoIP phones, or work with or view video then a higher speed is most likely the best choice. However, if staff only access bandwidth to search the Internet or check e-mail, your bandwidth speed can be much lower.


As with most services, bundling can save you money.  Internet service providers offer bundled services to deliver a variety of options at a more economical price.  You may even be able to obtain additional discounts for bundling services. But be careful, it’s not uncommon for service providers to offer bundles services with options that you won’t need or use.  In addition, many bundled options have expiration dates. Once expired the added cost can be staggering over time.


Businesses face a variety of security risks even when the Internet technology is new and advanced. When choosing an internet service provider, consideration of the best security essentials should be well thought out. Some of the best services will protect businesses and users from spam, malware, viruses, and will also offer backup services if there are system failures or crashes.

It can be difficult to choose an internet service provider. Applied Telecom can help you weed through all the options and select the best service for your business. For more information on internet and telecom service, please contact us.

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