Fiber-Optic Cabling: Why Should You Choose These Cables?

fiber-optic cablingAre you trying to decide between copper cabling and fiber-optic cabling for your telecommunications installation? To many businesses, making this decision is kind of similar to choosing between riding a bicycle or taking an airplane to get you from one country to the next. It may seem a bit wrong, but fiber-optic cabling has completely changed the way communications are handled in the past few years.

However, some people may not be completely convinced about fiber-optic cabling.

Advantages/Benefits Of Fiber-Optic Cabling

  • Fiber-optic cabling has the highest bandwidth, and no other cable transmission has the bandwidth that compares.
  • As your bandwidth increases, fiber-optic cabling has the means to accommodate it.
  • Fiber-optic cabling has the ability to detect any type of cable damage. The cabling can also detect when you have a secure transmission.
  • Fiber optic cables cannot be a fire hazard because they cannot catch on fire.
  • Fiber optic cables are not easy to break. You do not have to concern yourself with replacing or trying to repair fiber optic cables as you would have with copper wires. Although fiber optic cables are made of glass, copper wire is more prone to being damaged.

There are several good reasons that people can go back to when asked why they have chosen fiber optic cables over copper cables or other cables. Like any manager, owner, or anyone else responsible for making decisions, you need to have the right tools to get the job done. You should keep this in mind when you are still deciding between the right cabling solution.

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One thought on “Fiber-Optic Cabling: Why Should You Choose These Cables?”

  1. Maggie Allen says:

    I definitely agree that the difference between fiber optic and copper cables is huge! The copper cable’s bandwidth limit is usually less than half of the fiber optic’s limit, so the jump is enormous. Plus, it is nice that the fiber optic cables aren’t as easily broken. It means that buying them is an investment, especially if you don’t need to replace or repair them as often.

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